Founded in 1984, System Concepts, Inc. (SCI), Entigral’s predecessor, broke out as an industry leader by providing professional services, solutions, and support through advanced data collection techniques. Allen Bennett, Entigral co-founder, guided SCI until 2000 when he sold the company. Mr. Bennett reacquired SCI in 2003 and made sweeping changes to the business model. His new vision shifted SCI’s offerings to enterprise-based software solutions, specializing in RFID sensor-based technologies.

A proven thought leader, SCI’s introduction of RFID solutions into its client’s industrial environments brought many early adopters to the technology. These new implementations presented a substantial learning curve. However, a significant portion of the costs associated with each project was consumed by custom software development to solve key deployment issues. The company learned from these efforts and committed much of its resources into developing TraxWare® as a compendium of its acquired RFID and industrial sensor automation knowledge.

TraxWare efficiently tracks assets in complex environments and workflows, most of which employed standard RFID tag and reader configurations. These “entity” tracking solutions became so relevant to the nascent Internet of Things, and so “integral” to next generation enterprise processes, that the company changed its operating name to Entigral Systems, Inc. in 2008. Today, Entigral focuses exclusively on the development, sale, and implementation of its TraxWare platform for asset, inventory, and work-in-process tracking in manufacturing and related sectors.

Entigral is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina adjacent to the Research Triangle Park. The company has been internally financed until August of 2013 when it raised a $1.2 million Series-A equity round. The company has since raised an additional $1.0 million in equity and debt, and has expanded its capabilities to include deployment in both Cloud and Edge processing environments. The company continues to expand TraxWare as the Smart Manufacturing solution for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).