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Asset Tracking Solutions

Dynamic, flexible, and interoperable solutions for inventory and asset tracking in high value logistics and manufacturing environments.



Why Choose Entigral

 A thought leader in sensor automation and smart manufacturing, Entigral helps companies maximize ROI from their investment in RFID.

Powerful and Dynamic RFID and Sensor Management Software

  • RFID and next generation sensors for smart manufacturing
  • Automate work-in-process solutions, intelligently
  • Track inventory and goods throughout the manufacturing process
  • Account for geographically distributed human and capital assets

Entigral’s software platform is the most dynamic, extensible, and intelligent manufacturing management system on the market today. It works out of the box with most RFID tag and reader hardware available, while retaining scalability for the addition of next generation sensor technologies. It provides greater process visibility, allowing a 360 degree situational awareness in capturing the status of materials and finished goods at any point in the smart manufacturing process. TraxWare can also account for human and capital assets on the docks, or at any point in the supply chain.

Data Collection, Storage, and Utilization for RFID and Beyond

  • Logic Components collect critical process intelligence
  • Unique and easily accessible Logic Bank stores and utilizes previous deployments
  • Ease of implementation and flexibility yields a rapid increase in ROI

TraxWare is highly programmable, nimble enough to handle the needs of manufacturers seeking to implement a smart manufacturing process in their facilities. Companies who deploy TraxWare to meet new workflow challenges enjoy a unique advantage, rapidly increasing ROI. TraxWare Logic Components, location independent programming modules, make the customization of individual workflow solutions simple. Logic Components draw upon a revolutionary Logic Bank, which stores process information for all previous TraxWare deployments. The Logic Components and Logic Bank are symbiotic. The individualized workflows are constructed with the aid of the data in the bank, but they also feed data into the Logic Bank once deployed. Accessing this store of process intelligence decreases coding and implementation times, and is similar to open source programming. The process intelligence stored in the Logic Bank may then be exported into analytics and reports for real time decision making on the factory floor or in the boardroom.

Innovative Solutions for the Smart Manufacturing Future

  • Innovating RFID implementation and data collection
  • Thought Leader in next generation sensor technologies
  • Building digital architectures necessary for smart manufacturing

Entigral Systems is a thought leader in the RFID and intelligent industrial sensor industry, starting with RFID for inventory and asset tracking. Today, Entigral leads the way in developing applications that meet increasing industry demands for smarter automation processes and new sensor solutions. As a pioneer of next generation, sensor-driven technologies such as low-cost sensing, multi-sensor interoperability, and human gesture interfaces, Entigral is the natural leader in building the digital architectures necessary for the smart manufacturing future.

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